Esl Teaching Methods, Materials and Techniques

 ESL worksheets  are learning  materials designed for ESL students.They include exercises, activities  to practice language skills. 

ESL   worksheets are used to check students  writing, speaking, reading, listening skills . They are used to revise tenses, vocabulary  in English.  They are also made to develop children translating, reproductive abilities , etc. 

ESL Vocabulary Worksheets

ESL vocabulary worksheets  are educational resources  designed to help ESL learners expand  their vocabulary, provide students with additional practice in learning and retaining new words.

8th grade vocabulary worksheet


5th Grade Grammar Worksheet(45 min.)

5th grade grammar worksheet

5th grade grammar worksheet


ESL Reading Worksheets

ESL reading worksheets are teaching materials designed to help English (ESL) learners to improve their reading skills.

These worksheets typically include exercises, passages,  questions  etc .

6th Grade Reading Worksheet

Sixth Grade Reading Worksheet

6th Grade Reading Worksheet1

6th Grade Reading Worksheet3

6th Grade Reading Worksheet4

ESL Topics for Group Discussion

ESL  topics for group discussion provide opportunities for ESL students to practice their speaking, listening skills, expanding their vocabulary and cultural understanding .

These topics can be adapted based on the  level of the ESL learners and their interests. 

Here are some ESL (English as a Second Language) topics that are suitable for group discussion.

ESL topics for group discussion