Esl Teaching Methods, Materials and Techniques

 ESL worksheets  are learning  materials designed for ESL students.They include exercises, activities  to practice language skills. 

ESL   worksheets are used to check students  writing, speaking, reading, listening skills . They are used to revise tenses, vocabulary  in English.  They are also made to develop children translating, reproductive abilities , etc. 


ESL Grammar Worksheets

ESL grammar worksheets are learning resources  designed to help non- native English  speakers improve their grammar skills. These worksheets cover various  topics like verb tenses,  sentence structure etc.

5th Grade Grammar Worksheet
(45 min.)

           Present Simple 

1.Put the  verbs in the Present Simple.(2-0,4)

  1. Ann …………………. (to change) his clothes three times a day.
  2. We  ………………….( to do) our homework after dinner.
  3. I …………………  (to have) a walk   in the park every evening.
  4. Every year my grandparents …………………..  (to plant) many kinds of flowers and vegetables in their garden.
  5. We ………………( to watch) TV in the evening.

2.  Make the sentences interrogative.(2-0,4)


      1. Ann washes her face and hands every day.

     ___________________   _________________
      2. Classes always begin at 8: 30 in the morning .

       ___________________   _________________
      3. We often watch Aladdin on TV at noon .

      4. Children study English on Tuesday and  Wednesday.


      5. They work in the center of London.


3. Make the sentences negative . (2-0,4)

       1. This  train always leaves at seven.

       2.We skate in the park every afternoon.


       3. I read  newspapers every day .

       4.They always walk to school together.

       5.You wash your clothes once a week.


4. Which is right?(2-o,4)

       1.  I help / helps my mother every day.
       2. Ann like/ likes her dress very much .
       3. Mum don’t be angry . I eat / eats  all my sandwiches .
       4. They need  /needs English for their job .
       5. You speak / speaks English very well .

5.Match the beginning and the ends . (2-0,4)

         1. She usually meets

         2. I often read

         3. He does a crossword

         4. They usually live with their daughter for

         5. We spend our holiday here


a. six months every year

b. detective stories

c.  him on Sundays

d. every summer

e. in the newspaper

1 _____ 2 _____ 3 _____ 4 _____ 5_____

ESL Vocabulary Worksheets

ESL vocabulary worksheets  are educational resources  designed to help ESL learners expand  their vocabulary, provide students with additional practice in learning and retaining new words.


8th  Grade Vocabulary  Worksheet

Unit 1 –Revision(15-20 min.)
Translate into Armenian .
    1. to travel-
    2. land at airport –
    3. international airport-
    4. to take a train-
    5. ferry arrives –
    6. charter flight-
    7. passenger deck-
    8. duty-free shop-
    9. stormy weather-
    10. to sail –
    11. sailing-
    12. sailor-
    13. to sink-
    14. on board-
    15. to pull-
    16. to break up –
    17. to break out-
    18. to turn over  –
    19. mess-
    20. to be in a mess-
    21. Rto differ-
    22. different-
    23. to pick up –
    24. to go through the channel-
    25. railway tunnel-
    26. special trains for coaches and lorries –
    27. ferry-boat-
    28. to go London by underground –



ESL Reading Worksheets

ESL reading worksheets are teaching materials designed to help English (ESL) learners to improve their reading skills.

These worksheets typically include exercises, passages,  questions  etc .


6th Grade Reading Worksheet

        Red-Hat Otter 

(A welsh legend )

    (10 points,45 min.)
Read the text .

ESL reading worksheet-“ Red Hat Otter “

   Red- Hat  Otter

One fine day not so very long ago,two friends set off to hunt otters on the banks of the river Pennat . They were still some distance from the river when they saw a small creature of a red color running quickly in front of them . Without a word they ran after it , but before they could catch it ,it reached a river bank and slipped under the roots of a big tree there and was hidden from their sight .

It could not be a squirrel  and it could not be a fox , so they decided that it must be an otter . As they wanted to catch it alive one of them went to the nearest farm to borrow a sack. Meanwhile his friend carefully looked at the tree roots.

When the first man returned his friend ttoled him that there were only 2 holes under the roots ,into which the other could run .So while the first man held the suck over the hole ,his friend put his stick into the other hole to drive the creature forward . Suddenly something came out and fell into the sack .

The two men were very pleased with themselves and started off home . But before they went a few steps, they heard a voice which spoke out of the sack.” My mother is calling me . Must she come and take me ?
They dropped the sack as if it had burnt them . As it lay on the ground ,a tiny boy whose cap ,jacket ,trousers and shes were red jumped out of the sack and ran towards the river ,looking just like a red otter again .

However this time two hunters did not run after the little creature but went home .
Since then nobody has ever seen them hunting in that part of the river .
This is one of the tales that was once told in England about the “Wise Men of Gotham “.

” To act like a pure Gotham fool” is an expression ; it means ” to act foolishly”.

1. Complete the statements correctly.(2-0,4)

1.Once 2 friends set off

a. to catch and punish a boy who wanted to kill animals
b. to catch an animal with beautiful brown fur
c. to catch an animal and take it to the zoo

2. They were some distance from the river when they saw

a. an animal with red color running quickly in front of them
b. a boy dressed in red clothes running quickly in front of them
c. a beautiful flower of red color

3. Before they could catch it

a. it got to the river bank and hid under the roots of a tree
b. it got to the river and had good swim there
d. it got to the river and caught some fish there

4. One of the friends put the stick into the holea.

a. as he wanted to make the creature come out of the hole
b. as he wanted to punish the naughty boy
c. as he wanted to plant a beautiful flower there

5. They dropped the sack

a. as it burnt their hands
b. as they were surprised at hearing the boy’s voice
c. as they thought a dangerous animal was in it.

2. What’s the word for?(2-0,5)

a. to lie                 1. to move quietly and quickly 

b. to hold            2. to be in a certain position 

c. to slip              3. an animal, an human being 

d. creature             4. to take something and keep it for some                                   time 

a.____  b._____ c.______ d._____

3. Why ?   Because …(2-0,4)

 1. When did the 2 friends set off to hunt otters ?


2. Why did the two friends run after the small creature ?


 3. Why did they think it was an otter ?


  4. Why did one of the friends run to the farm ?


 5. Why didn’t they run after the little creature after it spoke to them ?

4. Right or Wrong (2-0,4)
  1. One fine day two fiends went to the bank of the river  to have a swim there .
  2. The two hunters caught an animal with a red coat and got a lot of money for it .
  3. A little boy in red clothes jumped out of the sack and ran towards the river .
  4. The two hunters didn’t run after the little boy but went home.
  5. They were some  distance from the rive when they saw a small creature .
5. What Happened When …?
1. When the two friends  saw a small creature …
2. When the creature  reached the river bank .
3. When  one of the friends went to the nearest farm to borrow  a sack …
4. While the first man held the sack over the hole ,his friend …
5. As the sack lay on the ground …

ESL Topics for Group Discussion


ESL  topics for group discussion provide opportunities for ESL students to practice their speaking, listening skills, expanding their vocabulary and cultural understanding .

These topics can be adapted based on the  level of the ESL learners and their interests. 

Here are some ESL (English as a Second Language) topics that are suitable for group discussion.



  1. Travel and Tourism: Discussing favorite travel destinations and travel tips.
  2. Food and Cooking: Sharing recipes, discussing different cuisines, talking about food preferences.
  3. Technology and Gadgets: Talking about the latest technology trends, favorite apps, and the impact of technology on daily life.
  4. Environment : Discussing environmental issues and ways to reduce carbon footprint.
  5. Education and Learning: Sharing experiences with different learning methods, discussing favorite subjects, and talking about educational goals.
  6. Health and Fitness: Discussing healthy habits, exercise routines, and tips for staying fit.
  7. Arts and Entertainment: Talking about favorite movies, books, music, and art forms.
  8. Current Events and News: Discussing recent news stories, global events, and their impact on society.
  9. Work and Careers: Sharing career aspirations, discussing job opportunities, and talking about workplace culture.
  10. Family and Relationships: Talking about family traditions, cultural differences in family dynamics, and relationship advice.